Client Testimonials

Same Day Approval

“I needed a new roof on my house and wanted renovate my bathroom. I was approved on the same day that I applied.”

Very Understanding

“The associate from Real Capital was very understanding of my situation. I felt respected and they made me feel comfortable.”

On A Deadline

“I was on a deadline and needed to purchase new equipment for my business. I had my money in 5 days.”

Positive Experience

“Fast, pain free and to the point, I was approved within 24 hours. It was a positive experience.”

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Efficient

“Thank you so much! It was nice to work with someone friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Thanks again.”

A Relief

"I was audited by the CRA and they ended up telling me that I owed them $60,000! They wouldn’t stop calling me. Brent spoke directly to the CRA, and got them to stop phoning while we worked on a solution. I was able to get the money I needed and move on. What a relief."

Equity = Real Capital

Real Capital = Real Cash, Real Fast


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