Client Testimonials

Lowered Monthly Payments

"I lost my job and ended up using my credit cards to supplement my living expenses. The payments were getting out of control and I knew had to do something. The bank wouldn’t help me because I wasn’t working. Real Capital consolidated my credit cards and lowered my monthly payments by 40%."

Basement Professional Finish

"We wanted to finish our basement. Our kids were getting to that age where they needed more space and their own bathroom. Real Capital got us the money and we were able to get our basement professionally finished."


"I needed funds to purchase more inventory for my business and pay some bills. I went to my bank, and submitted the mountain of paperwork they requested. It took weeks for them to get back to me. In the end I was denied because I was self-employed.

Real Capital treated me with respect and I was approved right away."

Best Friend

"My dog, who is my best friend and closest family member. Ella developed a large cancerous tumor. The vet bill along with medication and chemotherapy was going to be well over $5000.00. I didn’t have the money, but I didn’t want to lose my friend. Real Capital was there and got me the money that I needed. Thanks you so much."

Second Mortgage

"We need to needed to refinance our Second Mortgage and pull out some additional cash to pay some bills and attend our brother’s wedding over-seas. Real Capital replaced our existing mortgage and got the us the additional funds. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Real Capital."

Grow My Business

"I own a concrete contracting company. I took on a new project that would grow my business. I was on a deadline and needed to purchase new equipment. I tried the BDC, my bank and a leasing company. In the end, only Real Capital was willing to help."

Equity = Real Capital

Real Capital = Real Cash, Real Fast


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